Monday, March 16, 2009


Mommy's Favorite Things Blog is going to merge with SquigglyTwigs Designs...
I can't do
So if you would be so kind to just follow me there. I'll be writing about things other than sewing, although right now designing and sewing is just huge in my will settle, I tell my self.
See you there....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SquigglyTwigs is in Business, Yeah!

I put my first pattern online Monday night, Cute and Quick Pants. Already on Tuesday we had our first sales. I'm so excited and hope this pattern blesses other family's as it has ours. I'm trying to reach out to moms who've not done much sewing in their lives, if any at all. So, I'm planning to help them through the process by email. Also, the pattern was created with ease of use in mind, as each of the upcoming patterns will be.
The hardest part, besides the internet related things, is writing instructions as though I've never done it before. It's been so easy to leave out things, because I don't think about having done it, the second nature thing.... It's so much easier to show or tell than write.
I'm working now on a freebie for a button pony tail holder. I should have the instructions up at SquigglyTwigs within a couple of days.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Announcing SquigglyTwigs Designs

In the past couple of weeks, I've learned that other moms are interested in knowing how I make the clothing for my children. I don't use commercial patterns. I make my own.
My goal is to create a design and pattern with as few pieces as possible so that it can be assembled simply and quickly, yet still be fun and stylish.
Who knew that these patterns could be described as Boutique. Not me. However, over the past couple of weeks, many friends, friends of friends, and online acquaintances have asked. "Can you make a pattern for me?" Well making a pattern and the corresponding directions takes a good amount of time, so I can't really give it away. But I can start a business and offer the patterns and directions at a reasonable price. I learned that the patterns can be placed in PDF files and thereby purchased electronically.
I'm so excited about sharing what I know and the gift the Lord has given me with others, while making a little extra to help our family budget.
I bet you're wondering, what is "Squigglytwigs". Well, I spent quite a lot of time pondering a name. It had to be fun, intriging, and original. I also wanted it to refer back to my daughter. She is the reason I'm designing now anyway. She's too tall and thin for the clothing at the store, so I have to make all her bottoms and dresses, anyway. The "twigs" part refers to her tall and thin shape. The squiggly part refers to her hair (extremely curly) and her personality. She's not even still when she sleeps. :) God made her exactly as she is and we are so thankful. Had He not created her with these qualities and given her to us, this business would have never come about. I wouldn't be sharing my gift with other moms.
It always amazes me how He orchestrates every detail and brings glory out of difficulty.
What was the difficulty?
The first one was the journey of adoption. The second one was learning to parent a squiggly child. The third was taming curly hair. The fourth was clothing a twig like child. Who knows how many more challenges there will be. But with each of these challenges, has come amazing blessing. The latest of which is a design business that, Lord willing, will become one run by mother and daughter. For now, she's my inspiration and my assistant.
Her favorite store is the cloth store, in our little home town. The fact that our small town has a fabric shop is amazing on it's own. Our Lord orchestrated all of this and brought me to this point.
Why is it so amazing...
In high school I aspired to be a clothing designer. It was in me. I spent study hall time drawing dresses. I sewed in 4-H, and designed my first dress for my senior prom. That is if you don't count all the Barbie clothes made of scraps. I won best of day at the Ohio State Fair with that prom dress. From there I made many formals and wedding dresses, for myself and others. I also made a lot of my clothes and clothing for babies. I never got to design. I ended up following the Lord's lead to teach and taught Kindergarten for 13 years. It's as though He's saying, you did want I ask of you (teach), now you can follow your dream with your daughter. Working on this with my children is the best gift of all. It's way better than working in a design house out of college.
The Lord is to be Praised. We'll see where He takes this next. I'm looking forward to the next part of the journey.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Sewing

I had the idea (God idea, I think) to have my daughter try on her spring and summer bottoms on Monday. I know it's only the beginning of Feb. That's why I'm thinking it was a God idea. We tried size 4 and 5. Hardly any bottom items (shorts, skirts, capris) fit. We ended up with 4 pair of shorts, only one pair is long enough to be used in public, and three pair of Khaki capris. Oh, and one skort that's also on the short side.
After the realization that mama has a significant amount of sewing to do, I understood why I was having Allison try on Spring and Summer clothing in the middle of winter.
So I started through my fabric stash for ideas of what I could make bottoms with. I came up with a reasonable number of useful pieces.
Thankfully the shirts fit. We did make one new shirt to go with one of the capri pants.
All of that to say, I've added some pictures of things we've already made to our "We Made This" file. The pink with hearts dress is new and will be used from Valentine's (with a sweater) through summer. I've got a dollie dress cut to match.
I hope you enjoy our new sewing items and maybe even get inspired.
Most of the items I make can be put together within an hour (except the church dresses), by even a beginner. Just don't try to use a pattern from the store. :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wow! Winter Wonderland! and a bellyache :(

We haven't had much time to post or take photos or sew. Since Sunday we've had a major winter storm and the stomache flu. Both storms are over and we're back to creating and documenting it all. This photo is from our front porch. We got 5 inches of snow, then an inch of ice then a couple more inches of snow. The children are not too pleased. All this snow and it's not worth a thing for building. Also, they finally got well enough to sled a bit last evening. It's great for sledding..."weely, weely, fast, and in the stweet too". Our driveway is a hill and the street is a hill also. We have a long hill in the yard, we'll have to try it out this evening. Usually it's too gradual to go, but with the ice on top, I bet they'll fly.

Also, a friend of mine is having a blog giveaway. Her daughter makes the most wonderful clothing for sale. One of the items in her giveaway is a set of mother/daugther aprons. You'll have to be quick. The give away ends on Friday. You find her blog link in my list as Penny Raine. The aprons are giveaway #7.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Done sewing for today.

Who can resist a 3 year olds pleading..."mommy pwease sew my truck pants, pwease". I figure how many times will I hear my little boy begging for mama to sew him something.
So after sweeping the kitchen floor and cleaning up after breakfast, we started cutting, sewing, and they are done. I intended to post a photo, but he's at nap in them now. The last time he got very special new clothes, a #4 Jets jersey, he wore it for days. I wonder how long it will take me to get these to the laundry!

More Sewing!!

My daughter and I have been sewing this week. She's a tall and thin girl, therefore we are now making most of her clothes. I'm so glad my mom taught me to sew. If I couldn't sew, my poor little girl would be always holding on to her bottoms. :) It's also a fun way to spend time together. She just turned five so she's been promoted to my lap at the sewing machine so she can help feed the fabric. At age 4 she was only allowed to hand me pieces. Her favorite clothing items are the pieces that match with her doll.
She loves the American Girl dolls. They and their clothes are way out of our budget, but we've found similar dolls at Michael's Arts and Crafts for less than $15. They are not dressed, so we make the clothes. Last Spring she requested a Samantha doll in the "Samantha" dress. I found a similar fabric at our quilting store in town and gave copying it a try. Then she wanted one to match. That was a harder task than the doll dress, but we got it done, at least close enough. I'm not sure I'll repeat this pattern. It took more than a nap time for sure. I prefer to sew quicker things. But she's very happy. That makes it worth it. :)
It's time to get back to the days work. My son (age 3) is requesting I make him pj pants today. I have much other stuff to do first.